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Buying Your Scooter Online or In-Store is Simple!

  • Select a Style

    The single most important step in our easy scooter process is the first one, the style of your new Scooter. We offer a great selection of Genuine Buddy Scooters, and we’ll start the process, either buying your scooter online or in-store,  with the best fit for your needs.

    This step sets the standard for which we will help you decide which style is right for you and your use.

  • Customize It

    Next, we can move forward to the customization stage. This stage helps you put your personality into your scooter. Whether its a custom paint job, graphics, rims, tires, lighting, etc… We offer it ALL.

    Our team of highly trained professionals will help you along in this process to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied.

  • Stress Free Sales

    After the customization stage is completed, we start our stress-free sales procedure. We accept all major credit cards, FINANCE EVERYONE and can set up a 90 DAY LAYAWAY PLAN.

    We work alongside 4 major financial institutions that specialize in an easy loan process for anyone where credit is an issue.

  • Inspect & Ride

    We will inspect your brand new scooter to ensure #1 your safety and #2 our reputation.

    We then set you on your way to enjoy your newly purchased Scooter Stop scooter for years to come. We stand behind EVERY SALE!!! Rest assured, you have your satistfaction is our #1 priority.

    • Detail Oriented

      Scooter Stop was carefully designed as a detail-oriented business that is geared towards any scooter owner or any potential owner. We created a place where you can design your scooter how you want it.

    • Outstanding Service

      We’ll sell you a great scooter, but we also provide a top-notch service center that gives you the service you deserve and a showroom that makes you feel like you are important.

    • Our Showroom

      Designed by the extremely talented artists of Ten Man Studios. The detail that is shown on the outside is the same detail we provide on your scooter from the first moment you walk through our doors.


      Our FREE DELIVERY WITH NEW SCOOTER within 25 miles is another way to show you our appreciation for your purchase. Our customer service is the best!

    • Ongoing Promotions

      Offering FREE promotions is our way of saying Thank You. We want our scooters in tip top shape all year long. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to get special offers!

    • Commitment to Excellence

      We stand by our scooters 100% and always will! We don’t believe in hiding anything from the buyer. Our prices are clearly marked and we aren’t afraid to show them.

What else can we do to convince you?

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